Acrow props for sale from £26.00

We stock a massive selection of brand-new steel adjustable acrow props which are used in the building trade to create a temporary support for the following construction, building and DIY work:

  • Ceiling support.
  • Propping up beams or steels.
  • Underpinning floors.
  • Upholding heavy loads.
  • Shoring up structures.

You may also find the acrow prop known by other names including steel props or vertical post shores, whatever the name they all do the same thing.

The acrow props you are able to purchase from us are manufactured to British standards (BS4074:1982 and BS5507-3:1982) so you can rest assured these are of high quality and health and safety approved. They are made from heavy duty steel and are coated/painted with a green powder that provides protection against the elements, rusting, corrosion and general wear and tear.


Our adjustable acrows are made of up the following components:

  • Inner and outer tube.
  • Welded on base plates to the top and bottom.
  • Handle to adjust the height.
  • A prop pin which secures the prop in place.

How does an acrow prop work?

Ensure the area you are sitting the acrow prop is in a good condition, level and also that the upper level will not give way when it takes the weight of the acrow. Place the support acrows in position and adjust the height to suit, as a rule of thumb the props should be spaced a metre apart.

What are sizes do you have available?

We have five sizes available to purchase and you can find the details below of each size open and fully extended.

How many do I need to purchase to qualify for delivery?

We have a minimum order for purchasing and delivery of our acrows and for you to be eligible for us to deliver you would need to place and order of at least 10 acrow props

Unfortunately, with this type of product we do not offer a collection service. These are only available to be delivered

What are the main features of an acrow prop?

The props we sell have many key features, please find our list below:

  • Easily adjustable.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Very quick and simple to install.
  • Weather hardy.
  • Heavy duty and robust.
  • Can be installed by a single person.

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What is the load bearing limits for our acrows?

Ensuring your acrows are taking the correct load capacity is of extremely high importance. Obviously, health and safety are paramount when using these to load bear anything, so we have created a simple table below to show the capacities for all the sizes we have available for purchase.

The table consists of the height of the shore post and also the size along with the safe load capacity in KN (Kilonewton). If you are unsure of what sizes would be suited for your project, then please do contact our sales team who will be able to assist you with this.


If you would like to order any of our acrow props please get in touch with our sales team who are ready to assist you. Let us know the size and quantity you require, and we will arrange for these to be with you as quickly as possible so you can continue with your building project.